Cheryl Lenamon

Getting People Unstuck is Sue Wilhite’s Specialty

“Sue Wilhite will gently – but with enough oomph – push you out of your rut and over those occasional roadblocks — and set you on your path to achieving whatever your heart desires. And if you don’t know what that desire is, Sue will offer the steps you need to figure it out,” said […]

The Powerhouse Team of Dooly

 Troy and Paige Dooly are not your typical powerhouse couple. You won’t read about them in the gossip pages or find them on the streets of Manhattan or LA.  Rather, you’ll find them living an epic adventure in a laid-back coastal town in the Deep South.   Troy and Paige share Christian values that have […]

Claire Billingsley Follows the Fun on Coffee With Claire

And that’s what makes her such a popular host, speaker, life coach and laughter yoga instructor. For Claire, it’s all about the fun. And it’s been said that laughter is Claire’s gift to the world. “Even when I was a corporate trainer, I knew humor brought fun, and fun brought ‘stickiness’ to my message. I […]

Get Real, Get Raw, Get GOYA  with Loren Slocum Lahav

One minute she will give you a squeezing hug and lovingly encourage you to stretch beyond your limits, often seeing more in you than you see in yourself. The next she will challenge you to GOYA (Get Off Your A$$) and take action to become the best version of yourself. Loren is the real deal […]

Linda Parker Helps Direct Marketing Entrepreneurs See It Starts from Within

It’s okay to admit that we all have moments of doubting our own abilities. We hear the little voice in our head telling us we are not worthy, and we lack the ability to be successful. Linda Parker calls that Crazy Talk. And as a coach, she trains women to stop listening and learn how […]

Jessica Higdon is a Social Media Expert for Direct Marketing Entrepreneurs

In fact, when Jessica Hidgon was only 21, she built a six-figure business using the power of social media. She and her husband Ray, are both bestselling authors and former number one income earners in a network marketing company. When word spread of Jessica’s acumen and phenomenal success relying on the power of Social Media, […]

I Know How It Feels to Be Overwhelmed” Dr. Michelle Harris

“Overcoming my personal struggles with anxiety and feeling spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained, I know how it feels to be overwhelmed like nothing can help and it will never end. I discovered daily tools that help me today to live a healthy life and made it possible for me to live in freedom. I would […]

Direct Sales TV and NetworkersNews Announce Partnership

Companies align to help Network Marketers on a Global scale. April 12, 2018 – Dallas TX:  Direct Sales TV (DSTV) announces today its partnership alliance with Networkers News.  DSTV is the first TV Network dedicated to Direct Sales entrepreneurs with original content by and for those committed to this profession. Networkers News is a Digital […]

Michelle Perzan Leads Others to Find Strength in a Storm.

Michelle Perzan’s book, radio podcast and TV Show, Strength in Your Storm, do not deal directly with business matters, but they are a tremendous help to those trying to run a Direct Marketing business in the midst of a personal crisis. How do you present a positive attitude to your clients, your friends, and family […]

Direct Sales TV Proudly Announces First Español Channel

“Diana Today en Español” Premiers April 19 April 12, 2018 – Dallas TX: Direct Sales TV (DSTV), dedicated to bringing informative, relevant and original programming to global Direct Sales entrepreneurs kicks off their international offering with Diana Acosta’s show, Diana Today en Español.  Since its launch in August of 2017, Direct Sales TV offers trainers, […]

Direct Marketing Millionaires Lenika & Gregg Scott

She wasn’t a marketing guru or an entrepreneur or a world traveler. She was simply and most beautifully a mom. She was a mom who decided to leave her career to stay at home and give her children a more stable and loving environment. It was a financial sacrifice to give up her salary of […]

What’s Holding You Back from Greatness?

If you ever have the privilege to talk with Esther Vermillion, be prepared to answer this question: “What’s holding you back from greatness?” The key to Esther’s success is that she understands how pain and fear from the past can make the future feel daunting. She speaks from the heart about how to break free […]

Lady V Keeps it Real for Direct Sellers

Tracey Vlahos, known as The Lady V, empowers women to achieve the thriving business, stylish lifestyle and personal wellness they deserve, all with a greater sense of work-life harmony. A highly motivated mother of two, Tracey’s mission is to guide female entrepreneurs in the creation and implementation of healthy, sustainable business plans, so they can […]

The Upgraders, Dexter and Tonya Scott, Show How To Succeeded in Direct Marketing

Here’s Proof That When Life Throws You a Curve-Ball, You Can Be Defeated or Victorious. Dexter Scott made a good living for his family, so when his brother and sister Gregg & Lenika Scott asked him to join their LML, Total Life Changes, he was hesitant. But, in May 2014, one call changed everything. Downsizing […]

Learn how to eat Vegan and enjoy it!

Nafsika Antypas is the Host and creator of the world’s first vegan lifestyle TV series, “Plant-Based By Nafsika,” that focuses on a plant-based diet and vegan living. In 2016, she created the show that airs on the A&E Network to change the world through food. This has not only sparked the interest of viewers around […]

Interview with Global Coach and Author, Mark Sephton

By Cheryl Lenamon, DirectSales,tv. April 2018 Complete with British charm, Mark Sephton is a mentor to startups and millionaire entrepreneurs alike. He is the author of Inside Job and Plot Twist, a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and a popular speaker for corporate events, entrepreneurship summits, and major conferences worldwide. You have taken “mentorship” to […]

Direct Sales TV Announces New Lineup and Hosts for Late April

The first OTT TV station dedicated to Network Marketing continues to add new hosts monthly. April 12: 2018 – Dallas TX:  Direct Sales TV (DSTV) announces today its television schedule for April which includes two new shows and television hosts.  DSTV is the first TV Network dedicated to Direct Sales entrepreneurs with original content by […]