Claire Billingsley Follows the Fun on Coffee With Claire

And that’s what makes her such a popular host, speaker, life coach and laughter yoga instructor. For Claire, it’s all about the fun. And it’s been said that laughter is Claire’s gift to the world.

Claire Billingsley | DSTV.TV“Even when I was a corporate trainer, I knew humor brought fun, and fun brought ‘stickiness’ to my message. I am an improvisational comedy performer, so I even used that to train people. It is amazing how people will lighten up, relax and then retain what they need to know.”

How did you get started?
“Boy, I’ve taken many paths with twists and turns along the way. My interests are so varied, so I just follow my instincts. I’ve been a second-grade teacher, aerobics instructor, disc jockey, executive with a major franchise, radio talk show host, speaker and author of Circle Up.”

Wow, that is varied. Is there anything that connects these paths?
“Yes, I have a curiosity for learning and an insatiable need to help people connect ideas and enhance their dreams and aspirations. And of course, I love to follow the fun – whether that’s during an interview or corporate training.”

It sounds like you are a people lover.
“Absolutely! When I was in the corporate world, I would often say ‘people before paperwork.’ That frame of mind helped me transition to Life Coach and everything else I do today.”

Tell us about Laughter Yoga and why you became an instructor.
“I’ve learned, first hand, the incredible therapeutic power of laughter. It’s gotten me through the really tough times of my life. I know that enormous creative energy is unleashed by enthusiasm, which is guided more by the heart than the head. Laugher Yoga bypasses the head making decisions about what is funny and what is not. We fake laughter until we make laughter because our bodies do not know the difference. I’m an instructor to help other women heal through therapeutic laughter.”

How did Coffee with Claire become a thing?
“It just felt like the next step. I’m comfortable being in front of an audience, but I wanted a show that felt more intimate. I’m combining all the things I love – education, business, giving back to the community, and most importantly, fun. I’m having a blast interviewing such interesting people, and from the audience feedback, they are as well.”

In one paragraph, what is the essence of your show?
Coffee with Claire is an owner’s manual for women who dream of starting a business or who are in the process of building and running a business. In each show, I introduce a topic, interview a guest and then offer more training or online interaction between me and my audience.”

Start your Friday morning with a laugh. Tune in at 9 AM CST to DirectSales.TV, and see what everyone is talking about . . . there’s never a dull moment on Coffee with Claire!

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