Direct Sales TV Announces New Show Strength in Your Storm

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2014 Michelle Perzan knew she had to make a choice. She decided to be an encourager and beacon to others. In October 2016, she released her book called: Strength in My Storm: Faith and Breast Cancer. Following her book release, Michelle and her husband Aaron created the GEST Foundation Inc.

GEST: G for her mama Gemma, E for her dad Elmer and Baba Elsie, S for her oldest brother Steven (all whom were lost to cancer) and T for her maiden name Trakalo.

Since then Michelle has gone on to be featured on a weekly podcast called VOW Radio (Voices of Women). Listen to her podcast here:

Now Michelle is more fired up than ever to reach people to lift them up, and encourage them through any STORM that they are going through. She launched her new weekly TV show on a new and exciting network called Her show is called: Strength in YOUR Storm.

Michelle engages with people that have struggled with some incredible circumstances and how they overcame them. In addition she is also sharing a wealth of information from top experts regarding alternative cancer diagnosis, and treatment.

So with the most recent Hurricane Harvey that caused so much devastation in Houston Texas, how fitting is it that this week’s episode that was launched had been titled, Weathering the Storm featuring special guest speaker Robert Landau who literally has been through not one, but two life threatening literal storms.

This episode is a great way to give those who are down some hope and relief as they weather the Storm of dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Tune in here to watch:

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