Direct Sales TV Launches TV Network for Network Marketers

The first OTT TV station dedicated to the fastest growing sector in the entrepreneurial marketplace.

Direct Sales TV (DSTVN) announces today the launch of the first TV Network dedicated to Direct Sales entrepreneurs with original content by and for those dedicated to this profession. Hosted by some of the biggest and brightest Network Marketers in the industry, men and women share their message and expertise and offer invaluable resources to those aspiring to join the profession.

Founders Esther Spina, Pasha Carter and Amy Applebaum voice a unified goal for the network, “We founded Direct Sales TV because we know how important it is to have a platform that gets you in front of more aspiring entrepreneurs.  It’s the company and platform we needed when we were building our businesses. It’s a company that will shine a light on the people who are in the world of Direct Sales, making a difference.”

DSTV offers influencers the opportunity to move, touch and inspire through innovative, smart, fun, fresh video content. What sets it apart from other resources is the network offers LiveChat, Live Private Presentation (WebEx) and Video on Demand. “As Direct Sales marketers, we understand the importance of interaction and engagement. Show hosts have the opportunity to build relationships, increase followers and share links to programs and services,” says Esther Spina.

The multi-billion-dollar industry served by DSTV is known by several names including Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing (MLM). It is the fastest growing sector in the entrepreneurial marketplace and one that can solve the global job crisis.

“Each show on the network is created by an industry professional, many of whom are top leaders in their field,” adds Pasha Carter. “And our network is included within a network of cable stations throughout the U.S. plus global broadcasts via Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and others. Out of the gate, we will reach 10 million global households using digital streaming TV. “

Direct Sales TV is the first of its kind and offers live television programming 24 hours per day, seven days per week. For those who are interested in being a host of a weekly or monthly show, or would like to learn more go to

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