Donna Miller is a Recovered Micromanager Who Teaches Others to Let Go to Grow

“As a recovered micromanager, I understand that when you start a business, you do it all and the truth is, you are probably the best at it all, to start.  But, that’s a merry-go-round that can be very hard to get off of and it can even result in total failure or at least burnout.”

Donna Miller is now the founder and president of C3Workplace, and she is passionate about helping small business owners learn from her experience so they too can thrive. Her 3 C’s of business are:

Connect + Collaborate = (Bigger) Community.  Donna mentors others to get clear on what they stand for and who they serve; find partners who share their values and target market.  Then, combine forces and deliver over-the-top value.

But let’s back up a bit. Donna wasn’t always a business owner; she made that decision when her children were seven and ten. She wanted to be master of her own destiny while still being a very involved mom.  She went about creating a job where she could have a solid income while having the flexibility to attend school meetings and plays, without all the typical guilt.

Donna Miller took the concept of a shared office space facility that provided support for entrepreneurs and small businesses and vaulted it beyond the standard of the day. Unintentionally she had opened a value-driven organization, called Above & Beyond with a goal to exceed client expectations and treat people like we all want to be treated. Years later, the same values apply, but Above & Beyond has been rebranded to C3Workplace to reflect her core principles: Connect, Collaborate and Community.

Donna Miller | DIRECT SALES TV“I have a deep belief that companies should be a force for good.” – Donna Miller

Donna is living proof that you can become a reformed micromanager. Over the years, she has learned to empower her people and create a culture where it’s okay to take risks and make mistakes. Essentially, she’s raising up leaders. And her insights on delegation are published in the book, Big Bold Business Advice.  She is also a contributing author of Breakthrough Results, an Amazon bestseller.

Over the years, her business has grown to a multi-location organization, and she has caught the eye of business organizations and magazines who have awarded her Businesswoman of the Year and Top 25 Women Business Owners. Donna is an expert in marketing, financial literacy and “letting go to grow.”

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