What’s Holding You Back from Greatness?

If you ever have the privilege to talk with Esther Vermillion, be prepared to answer this question: “What’s holding you back from greatness?” The key to Esther’s success is that she understands how pain and fear from the past can make the future feel daunting. She speaks from the heart about how to break free from these limiting feelings and beliefs and put yourself on the road to health, joy, and prosperity. She shares the real-life strategies and skills that can “Turn your pain into your power!”

Esther Vermillion is among the most dynamic Holistic Health Educators of her generation. Her limitless compassion and vivacious entrepreneurial spirit come from her deeply-rooted belief that “Everyone is born to thrive!” As a nationally-acclaimed keynote speaker, she inspires audiences of thousands to reach their true God-given potential. Never daunted by the challenging aspects of her upbringing, Esther has earned many titles over the years. She is a U.S. Navy Veteran, a life-long musician—a renowned harpist whose album has sold thousands—and a host of television shows featured on DSTV network via Apple TV, Roku, and other outlets.

Esther’s work in holistic health is in the top echelons of dōTERRA, a wellness company with a focus on therapeutic-grade essential oils. It’s no wonder that Esther gravitated to an industry that understands the power of fragrance—she exhibited her business-building abilities early in her life while selling the famous East Texas roses door-to-door as a little girl! Within a year of becoming a Wellness Advocate for the company, she built and has continually maintained a six-figure income while fulfilling her mission: to be a bearer of hope to women, particularly struggling moms who seek their own voices and outlets to share with others.

Esther Vermillion | DIRECT SALES TVThis is a woman who understands the struggles in life whatever they may be. It is hard to be in a Facebook world and be broken. Or to have a feeling of failure or baggage when it seems like everyone is so together or at least if we aren’t we don’t talk about it. But I believe that is the last thing we need to be doing. We need to be rallying with each other to help each other find acceptance, comfort, empowerment and healing.

Esther Vermillion is the author of Held, A Story of Brokenness, Resilience, and Triumph. She brings that same theme to “The Heartbeat,” shows that will inspire and spark hope within. She provides proven success strategies to create lasting change – in business and personal life.

“I Did it; You CAN create a business and life that you LOVE!”

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