Jayne Rios

My Story


Everything I did was for my family. I have two teenage boys and I was blessed to have a successful online company, working from home as my kids grew up. We lived in a house where I could literally see the elementary school. I was involved in every activity with my kids from scout leader, baseball coach, VP of PTA and the list goes on. That is what made me happy and my priorities were good. In 2017, my husband and I made the decision to downsize early in life so he could come home from his job of 22 years at ABC and be with our family at home. At that point, I felt I had taught the boys everything a mom could teach them and it was time for the boys to learn manly stuff like hunting, fishing and things I could have taught them, but learning from dad would be best. So we moved to a lake house and brought dad home. So you can only image we were having a great life, both mom and dad at home, dad working with mom, living on a lake, boating, jet skiing, having the time of our lives.


The News

In March, 2018 everything changed. I started having severe back issues, a pain that wouldn’t go away. I visited the doctor and she gave me anti-inflammatory pills and told me to come back in two weeks if the pain didn’t go away. Well, the pain was still there two weeks later so I went back to the doctor and she ordered an x-ray. The next call after the x-ray I received changed my life. The doctor said I would need to see a Pulmonologist. I asked, “What does that mean?”  She said, “A Pulmonologist specializes in lung diseases.” I said, “Does this mean I have cancer?”  She said, “I am sorry.” No one was sorrier at that point than me. I was in shock. Immediately I called and made an appointment with the Pulmonologist. I won’t bore you with all the details, but after cat scans, pet scans and MRIs I learned I had State 4 non small cell Lung Cancer. The lung tumor had metastasized to my left lymph node and adrenal gland. The tumor was 6.6 cm, this is really big. Life as I knew it would change.



Immediately I made changes in my lifestyle – changes I should have made years ago. I quit smoking, began to exercise and eating a healthy diet. I did a lot of research. One of the first things I read was that I had an 11-month life expectancy with a 4% survival rate. OMG I can’t read this! Does anyone survive? And if anyone survives, what are they doing? The doctors’ answer is chemo, but what else is there to help me?  What are God’s promises? Miracles happen daily. I wanted to know who has been divinely cured through a miracle.

Change One:  Diet

I have to alkalize my body. I discovered cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. My PH level should be 7.5 or higher. Right now, it is at 6.4. Eating correctly with alkalized food and eliminating acid is step one. I also eliminated sugar because I learned that cancer feeds on sugar in your body, so that eliminated all carbohydrates.

Change Two: Mindset

I have to print out Scriptures and live by God’s promises of healing and miracles. John and I started Bible Study every morning so I could start my day with positive feelings of love, encouragement and prayer.

Change Three:  Exercise

I have to work out, start walking, begin Yoga and meditation.

Change Four: Eliminate Stress

I have to remove clients I didn’t enjoy working with and step down as CEO of two companies.

Change Five: Let People Take Care of Me

I have to ask for help and let people help me.



I was so busy with my multiple businesses, taking care of family that I had no time to do my work that God was calling me to do. After making the changes in my work and stress level, I now have time to put my skills and new knowledge to work for God. 2 or More for Life is a calling for me and something I will now do for the rest of my life. God’s miracles and healings are still alive today. So many people are dying from cancer. So many people need encouragement. So many people need God’s healing. So many people need a miracle. My ministry reminds us that God is still in the business of healing and miracles.

“Where two or more are gathered together, there I am in their midst.” Matthew 18:20

(There are so many Scriptures about healing and miracles. Check out our Scriptures on this website. Print them and tape them all around your house to remind yourself daily that you are in His care.)


My good friend Amy asked me, “where do you see yourself in six months?”  I replied, “Working for God and spreading the news of His miracles, love and healing.” I also wanted to teach others what I have learned from my research while living through Stage 4 Cancer.” I realized most people are like me; they are not doctors nor nutritionists. They aren’t sure what they can do on their own to get rid of illnesses besides what their doctors are telling them. Hopefully I can help them with my new knowledge and faith-centered teachings. So that’s where we are now.


Moving Forward

I will continue to eat healthy, exercise, do daily activities, keep my faith, stay positive, strong and help others do the same through 2 or More for Life, with my TV Shows, membership site and events.