it starts from within with linda parker
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Linda Parker

Linda’s background over the last 35 years has been in the Financial Banking Industry. During this time she needed to find a way to earn extra cash as a single Mom so she joined Network Marketing.  As a single mom she worked a full time job, was a bartender and worked her Networking Marketing business. Fast forward to today Linda is happily married for 15 years with two beautifully amazing daughter’s and a wonderful step-son!
Linda is a Certified Coach and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team as well as a trained Law of Attraction Life Coach with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She has always stayed strong in her faith and knew she had calling to serve others. All of this has guided Linda in  creating It Starts From Within Coaching.  She is outrageously passionate about helping other people.
Linda’s message to all you incredible, passionate, giving women is that it’s time to be selfish. That’s right… it’s OKAY to be selfish! Why? Because when you take care of “you”– you’re a better mother, wife, sister, friend and a happier human being. But to achieve this, you must learn how to love yourself. True happiness Starts From Within…so Stop Doubting Start Believing in YOU!
Honestly no matter where you are on your path to success, limiting beliefs and doubts about our worthiness and/or ability creeps in ever so quickly and these voices inside of our heads, ‘crazy talk’ as Linda calls it, can stop you in your tracks!  If you don’t zap that talk instantly all hell can break loose!   There is where the crucial accountability and self love must concur that crazy talk!
Here are what just a few of Linda’s coaching clients have had this to say after working with her:
The two things I determined were holding me back were my thoughts that I didn’t know enough which boiled down to “I wasn’t worthy” and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. After going thru several of the processes with Linda I have the clarity I was looking for and have given myself permission to do what I want. So empowering!!!   Christy C.
Linda, I really enjoyed our sessions, I liked the simplicity of the process, and the ease with which you utilized it. Your gentle guidance pulled the best from me. I didn’t have a chance to overthink, and things seemed to flow. Thanks!!   Denise K.
I can’t begin to tell you how great I feel after working together and coming to the realization that what I am currently doing isn’t what I really want and that is why I am feeling so stuck. I would have never came to that conclusion on my own and I am so thankful for your coaching!    Sharon S.
All of this has lead Linda here on DSTV to share her message: that all your hopes and dreams, all you deserve is within your reach — It Starts From Within —
Grab her Free Guide on 5 Steps to Kick-Ass Confidence and True Self Love here or better yet watch her Free webinar on Three Simple Steps to Mindset Success.