Nafsika Antypas

Nafsika Antypas is the Host and creator of the world’s first vegan lifestyle TV series, “Plant-Based By Nafsika,” that focuses on a plant-based diet and vegan living. 

In 2016, she created the show that airs on the A&E Network to change the world through food. This has not only sparked the interest of viewers around the globe but has “planted seeds” helping veganism become more mainstream, a goal Antypas conveys in her motto, “If You Plant It, It Will Grow.”

Antypas has appeared on numerous television and radio shows across the globe, and has contributed her writing as well as been interviewed by online publications such as PETA, VegNews, EmpowHER, Insider, Health Digest and more.

Due to Antypas’ deep desire to help make the world a more compassionate place, she founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called, People Against Violence in 2014, which offers victims of violence phone counseling and other services. She also designed the uAlert Personal Safety App that same year, serving as an emergency response system to victims of violence. 

In 2015, Antypas founded an organization called, The Struggling Vegan, helping people transition to a plant-based lifestyle while strengthening the vegan community. It provides the “veg curious” with recipes, tips and news surrounding vegan living. 

In late 2017, Antypas became a certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, helping people lead a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle. Because, as Antypas attests, “one cannot live a life of love and compassion without practicing it every day.”