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Raina Kay Gummert

Raina Kay Gummert (Mompreneur)

Mom of 3 – Military Spouse – Top Leader

2014-2017 – Top Leader of a global Beauty Biz

My passion is leading a global team and helping women realize their full potential and to know their worth and recognize their own beauty (starts inside)…

With a mission to uplift, empower and validate women worldwide, my goal is help as many women change their life as possible. For some, this is about renewed confidence and the amazing sisterhood and supportive family like culture we provide. For others it’s a full time career and lifetime of residual income.

I was brand new to the network marketing/ direct sales industry 3 years ago. I joined because of an amazing kit of make up, I stayed because of my family. They are my WHY- the reason I crave time freedom and flexibility to be there for my kids when they need me. The financial freedom has been amazing too. Not to mention I have met some of my closest friends on this journey.

Before 2014 – All over the map, Fast paced military lifestyle. 11 moves in 15 yrs. Prior background working in Special Education, Retail Mgmt, Staffing Industry, Banking & Marketing

I always dreamed of being my own boss and having the ability to work from home, although I wasn’t sure it was actually possible. There really is a better way. Now I want to reach others and show them the magic that can exist in our great profession.