Tim Edwards: The Scoop

Tim Edwards… “From Worst to First!”

Tim Edwards today is a respected coach and mentor in the field of Network Marketing, whose decades of experience include having built the #1 sponsoring team for one of the world’s top companies with more than 30,000 reps under him and countless customers.

As host of his own weekly show, “The Scoop,” on Direct Sales TV Network, Tim offers his Gold Nuggets of wisdom and training videos in addition to interviews with the stars and up-and-coming-stars in the Network Marketing Industry worldwide, offering the latest greatest content on what’s really working in the industry.  A show like no other, it is a complete and powerful guide and inspiration for learning how to successfully do Network Marketing at the highest level – how to attract, recruit and train super-successful leaders to sell products, and build organizations filled with superstars…just like he did…from scratch.

Yet, remarkably, there was a time when the last person you would ever have wanted to get any sort of Network Marketing advice from was Tim Edwards.  He is the first to tell you that he was for awhile, quite simply, the worst!

When he was first introduced to Network Marketing, Tim was a quiet guy and such a confused novice that even though he was with a huge multi-billion-dollar company that had almost 1,000,000 reps, he was the worst of them all.  He couldn’t do any aspect of the business successfully.  He didn’t like the phones.  He didn’t like selling.  He hated public speaking… and on top of all that, nobody in his upline would work with him one-on-one to teach him the business.

Tim wanted to know exactly what to say in every conceivable scenario.  A perfectionist and a planner, he wanted a business plan with a proven process and strategy.  There was none to be found.  So he struggled for 3½ years and, predictably, kept failing miserably.

In the beginning, Network Marketing had all looked simple to Tim.  All he saw was: Build a network of reps and customers who market and use products and you could make a recurring income without employees…an office…or receivables.  It seemed like an easy ticket to success with all the money he ever wanted and plenty of time to enjoy it.

Reality, though, soon set in.  Everything in Network Marketing was over-simplified just to get you started.  Somehow, you were supposed to call those you know, and prospect everyone you meet.  Then tell your story…play a video…and then people supposedly either joined as a rep or a customer.  That was it.  Training was over.  But how!  Tim was totally frustrated with the lack of help from the people above him in his company.

Frustrated and dejected but always determined, something extraordinary happened!  At the peak of his frustration with what seemed like an impossible task, Tim vowed that he was going to figure it out – on his own – and when he did figure it out, he would create a systematic mentoring and training program similar to how a franchise works, so that everyone at every level below him would know exactly how to do their part exceptionally well.  Tim swore, “Nobody I work with will have to struggle for lack of a process or a strategy.”

And he did just that.  He broke down every aspect of the business and refined each process.  He ended up building what he calls a duplication machine.  In the process, he went from worst to 1st in 18 months – meaning that he went straight to the top of the pay plan and created the #1 sponsoring team in the world for one of the top companies in the world.  His team systematically produced multiple 6-figure and 7-figure earners, and the coolest thing of all was that everyone started as a novice.  They had zero experience in network marketing prior to joining Tim’s team!

After signing up over 30,000 reps and numerous customers, Tim semi-retired for nearly a decade and just did all the things he had always dreamed of doing.  He loved architecture…so he built his dream house.  He loved exotic super cars…so he bought all his dream cars.  He ate at the best restaurants, watched his favorite movies, and even picked up golf again and traveled the world…simply enjoying all the freedom that only recurring income can provide.

After being off from work for most of that decade, however, he was feeling empty and lacking in real purpose.  At first, he thought maybe he would build another team, but then he came to an epiphany that would change the direction of his life.  He realized that, after a couple decades in the business, he wanted to devote all his energies not towards building another team that would end up with a few people he could mentor to success, but rather he would become a full-time coach and mentor to all people who want to make serious money and make Network Marketing their career.

Tim loves working with people who want to become 6- and 7-figure earners or people who want to create more 6- and 7-figure earners.  That is what truly fills him with passion and joy – working with those who want to be great and learn how he accomplished what he accomplished.

And that has led him to Direct Sales TV Network and his weekly show, “The Scoop,” where he reveals to all who want to excel in Direct Marketing all the Golden Nuggets that have given him his own phenomenal success in the industry.  As Tim likes to say, “To find Network Marketing Gold, you have to know where to dig,” and The Scoop will provide the nuggets you need on a weekly basis.  So plug in…invite your team and your prospects….and learn to become the best version of yourself so you can attract and duplicate successful leaders.

You deserve to have it all.  Every great why needs a great how.  So seize the moment and I’ll see you on the next edition of “The Scoop.”