Jessica Higdon is a Social Media Expert for Direct Marketing Entrepreneurs

In fact, when Jessica Hidgon was only 21, she built a six-figure business using the power of social media. She and her husband Ray, are both bestselling authors and former number one income earners in a network marketing company. When word spread of Jessica’s acumen and phenomenal success relying on the power of Social Media, she soon took the stage with personalities such as Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Eric Worre and others. Ray and Jessica’s Coaching and Training Company was named to the Inc. 5000 list last year as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, and they were featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Inc. and Huffington Post.

Just five years ago, I had zero credibility, no warm market, and no attraction factor. Now, things look very different for me. I make a six-figure income in network marketing, and I dominate top ranking spots in my company. And I did it through generating leads on social media.

jessica higdon | DIRECT SALES TVJessica is the founder of the 10k Social Media Formula and co-founder of Top Earner Academy. She’s successful because she understands what entrepreneurs go through when they are starting out in business. “If you’re anything like I was starting out in this business, you probably feel a bit lost and frustrated right now,” admits Jessica. “You know you need to build your team and talk to as many people as possible every day, but some days aren’t going quite as well as you hoped. Some days people avoid you and your opportunity like a trip to the dentist!  I have a solution for you.”

Jessica loves helping people build their business and shares her wisdom and knowledge on her show, Social Networker with Jessica Higdon on Direct Sales TV every Monday at 11 AM.

Jessica’s show as well as a full lineup of programming designed to help Direct Marketers can be seen on Roku, AppleTV, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Fire and Kindle.  Consumers can find Direct Sales TV on these channels by searching Direct Sales TV on the streaming channels or online at





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