SIYS S1 E11 Strength in Loss

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This week Michelle speaks with Gaby Vallandingham about the sudden loss of her 4 year old daughter Zoe and how she finds strength each day to not only get through it, but to also find joy and inspire others.

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  1. It was very helpful to hear someone talk of the loss of a child and how much help is needed to get through this tragedy. I have not experienced it, but my mother did and it helps me to know what she went through. It also helped put my life in perspective and focus on what is important instead of small problems. Also, I learned it is a work, focus, and determination to build your life back up after such a loss.

    1. Thank you for sharing that Jo – yes, it is an everyday grind of working on it and Gaby has showed that with trust in God, it is possible.


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