Strength in YOUR Storm with Michelle Perzan: Strength in Abuse S1E8 11:30am

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In this week’s episode, host Michelle Perzan interviews International speaker and inspirational messenger Holly Dowling. They touch on the severity of abusive relationships and talk about how to overcome and deal with this touchy subject. And the best part is, both Michelle and Holly are available to help anyone that has the courage to step out, and reach out!

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  1. Thank you, Michelle and Holly!

    Been there. Still healing everyday. My healing comes by choosing the right people to surround myself. I learned a few things from you Holly. I have not received the amount of professional therapy. However, I have been blessed with many Devine interventions. Be blessed and please continue your journey.

    1. thank you for reaching out and sharing Michelle….im so thankful Holly could encourage you… I’ll be praying for you my friend!


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