The Powerhouse Team of Dooly

 Troy and Paige Dooly are not your typical powerhouse couple. You won’t read about them in the gossip pages or find them on the streets of Manhattan or LA.  Rather, you’ll find them living an epic adventure in a laid-back coastal town in the Deep South.


Troy and Paige share Christian values that have propelled them to where they are today. These values are the stuff of articles and books written by Paige, who has published numerous articles and 20 plus books and novellas through Barbour Publishing, Harlequin Enterprises, and Winged Publications. Although her books range from historical romance to suspense novels to contemporary romantic comedy, each covers relevant issues to her fans including marriage, parenting, pregnancy, homeschooling, and of course, romance! And who would know these topics better than a woman who is still married to her high school sweetheart and has homeschooled all nine of their children? (With a few still in process!)


Troy uses his talents and passions as a radio host and news director on the Home Business Radio Network, as a faculty member of DS Edge Educational Conferences, and as a business strategist and advisor. He is known as “The Beachside CEO” and is an influential voice in the business community.


While Paige’s creative talents are spent bringing fun-filled romantic entertainment and family-value information to her fans worldwide, Troy influences cultural behaviors through purpose-inspired marketing, leadership development, and corporate compliance strategies. One of his many achievements has been his induction into the Direct Sales Hall of Fame.


troy and page dolly | DIRECT SALES TVTune into the Troy and Paige Dooly show, Home & Business on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7:30 PM CST.


The Dooly’s show as well as a full lineup of programming designed to help Direct Marketers streams on Roku, AppleTV, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Fire and Kindle.  Consumers can find Direct Sales TV on these channels by searching Direct Sales TV on the streaming channels or online at




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