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to the $200 billion Direct Sales Market

The Direct Sales Television Network Offers You a Unique Opportunity to Unite Your Brand with the over 200 Billion Dollar, Global Direct Sales Marketplace.

Why partner with dstv?
Our reach of course!

Total DSTV Target Demographic: Over 200 Billion+

Via OTT Networks: AppleTV, ROKU, Chromecast, Amazon Fire and many others = 20 Million+ Global Households

Via TV Show Hosts’ Fan base: 10 Million+

Via Strategic Alliances: 5 Million+

Via Marketing Initiatives Targeting Aspiring Entrepreneurs across multiple niche markets: Women, Millennials, Baby Boomers, Spanish/Asian Markets, existing Direct Sales Consumers: Well over 200 billion

what is dstv?

DSTV is the 1st TV network dedicated to the profession of Direct Sales representing the fastest growing sector in the entrepreneurial marketplace, globally.

The Direct Sales Television Network (DSTV) is an OTT Network that reaches a direct OTT audience of over 20 million and growing, and is streamed on Chromecast, ROKU, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and other Internet TV networks across the globe. All DSTV programming is live, streamed, and on-demand.

DSTV is a network that provides entertaining, uplifting and informative content (from mindset, to branding, to marketing & sales, to platform elevation) to direct sellers and aspiring direct sellers/entrepreneurs all over the world, so that they can better their financial futures and lives.

DSTV is on a mission to help solve the global job crisis, by offering aspiring direct sellers/entrepreneurs an opportunity to get to know the Direct Sales Profession and Leaders who have succeeded in the industry.

How will DSTV improve your brand and profits?

be front & center

of a 182.6-billion-dollar industry and the fastest growing sector in the entrepreneurial marketplace… Direct Sales.

be first!

DSTV is the 1st & Only OTT Network Dedicated to the 200 billion and growing Direct Sales Profession (With exclusivity on AppleTV).

company credibility

You will now be a leader in the 1st and ONLY OTT TV Network for the Direct Sales Industry.

marketing initiatives

Your brand will be represented across our vast marketing initiatives including: email campaigns, advertising, PR, SEO, podcasts, social media (posts/FB lives/events), live & virtual events, print, blogging, and partner opportunities.

in the press

We have a comprehensive media plan and your brand will be represented in our: press releases, articles, interviews, TV spots, radio. DSTV has already been featured on Fox, CBS, ABC, Washington Post, NBC and in Networking Times Magazine.

add value

by showing your support for DSTV and its Direct Sales TV Hosts, you support the Direct Sales Companies you represent.

be seen worldwide

DSTV’s TV Show Hosts, along with their fan bases, are from around the world: The Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and emerging with strength is the Middle East and Africa. Our TV Show Hosts and marketing efforts will target people and companies in all of those areas.


We don’t do anything “cookie-cutter.” So, DSTV will work with you to measure engagement and activation, create customized campaigns, and discuss on and off-site opportunities at live/virtual events. And if there is an idea you have that we haven’t thought of or discussed, bring it to us. We want to explore mutually beneficial opportunities, always. Especially with our partners.

help solve the job crisis

Bottom line, we are working tirelessly to reach aspiring entrepreneurs and those in need of additional income so that we can contribute to the betterment of their lives. Companies, unfortunately, cannot be formed fast enough to meet the demand for jobs globally, nor can they accommodate the varying abilities of those needing jobs.

“The Direct Sales Industry is the ONLY industry that can make a substantial difference in the lives of families and individuals around the world.”

– DSTV Team

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