A President’s Club Direct Seller Helps You Find Your Lightbulb Moments. Meet Alice Hinckley

Alice Hinckley Lightbulb Moments | Direct Sales TVIf you ever have the opportunity to meet Alice, you will immediately feel like you’ve found a new best friend. To say she has a sparkling personality may sound trite, but it’s true, and she’s far more comfortable talking to you about her love of travel, her husband Bob and fur babies, Allie and Baxter than her business achievements. And maybe that’s the reason for her success as a dynamic trainer and admired mentor of entrepreneurs. She excels in helping them create a steady income from a home-based business such as network marketing.

With over twenty-five years’ experience as an entrepreneur, Alice recognizes one small change or step can produce far-reaching results, and she is passionate about empowering people to excel in all areas of life.

Alice brings extensive experience with a background in personal development, mortgage & real estate, network marketing & direct selling, accounting & income tax, coaching & speaking, event production, business development, and mentoring & training.  Alice has achieved the coveted President’s Club in both corporate America and direct selling.  She has traveled the globe with inspirational speakers while maintaining her accounting practice.

As a top-rated speaker and mentor, her goal is to strategically prepare her audience with simple tools they can implement immediately to begin improving the results in their business.

Alice is the co-author of Nail it in 90 for Direct Sales & Network Marketing, Building Lifetime Relationships, Soar2Success When You Think Like a CEO, Behind Her Brand. She is a contributing author of Behind Her Brand: Entrepreneur Edition Volume 4 and Women Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

She is a keynote speaker and trainer for corporations. In fact, she has made almost 300 presentations in the last several years. Her topics include networking, time-management, thinking like a CEO, team building and more.

Watch Lightbulb Moments on DirectSales.tv. Monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 10 AM CST. Her Program streams on Roku, Google Play, Amazon Fire and Kindle, iTunes and Apple. Consumers can find Direct Sales TV on these channels by searching Direct Sales TV in the streaming channels or online at http://www.directsales.tv/channel/lightbulb-moments




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