Direct Marketing Millionaires Lenika & Gregg Scott

She wasn’t a marketing guru or an entrepreneur or a world traveler. She was simply and most beautifully a mom. She was a mom who decided to leave her career to stay at home and give her children a more stable and loving environment. It was a financial sacrifice to give up her salary of over $50,000, but she and her husband Gregg agreed that the needs of their children outweighed the pursuit of her career.

It wasn’t long, however, before that financial burden started to weigh on her family. Her husband was a wonderful provider for their family of eight (yes, six daughters!), but Lenika wanted to find a way to supplement his income. After trying different odd jobs from selling flowers and Christmas wreaths and in-home daycare, Lenika found her niche in the Network Marketing industry.

Lenika honed her internet marketing skills and she soon achieved top rankings, leading a team of over 10,000 affiliates after only seven months with the company, and it only grew from there. Lenika discovered her ability to coach others and replicate her knowledge to turn them into leaders. As a result, she taught many men and women how to go from literally no income to earning four and five figures monthly.

Meet the Winning Team

Lenika’s husband, Gregg Scott, is her rock and most importantly her best friend. They met in 1991 and married four years later. Their ultimate desire is to leave their six daughters an inheritance and not a bill.

In that endeavor, in 2013, Gregg & Lenika became leaders in building a sales force with Total Life Changes (TLC), a direct sales company focused on making it possible for people all over the world to improve their health and make money easily while working from home. This business has financially restored their lives allowing them to live a DEBT FREE life!

Want to be a debt-free millionaire? Learn from Lenika and Gregg Scott.

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