Direct Sales TV Announces New Lineup and Hosts for September

The first OTT TV station dedicated to Network Marketing continues to add new hosts monthly.

Direct Sales TV (DSTVN) announces today its television schedule for September which includes 12 new shows and television hosts.  DSTVN is the first TV Network dedicated to Direct Sales entrepreneurs with original content by and for those dedicated to this profession. Direct Sales TV launched officially in August and is a game-changer for those in the network marketing industry.

“We are excited about the growth of DSTVN in such a short amount of time.  Our programs are not about pitching products, the shows are about people, relationships and topics we all care about.   We are so grateful for the new hosts who launch this month, we have a great lineup”, says Esther Spina, DSTV Co-Founder.

In September DSTVN is adding 12 new programs including:

Amber Voight host of #Daily Hustle, watch on Monday at 10:00am CST, Doug Firebaugh host of God-Powered Home Business, watch on Thursday 1:00pm CST, Denise Nelms host of Destination Success watch on the first Sunday each month at 8:00pm CST, Ashley Weller host of Essentially Able, watch on the third Tuesday at 11:00am CST, Jessica Higdon host of The Social Networker, watch on Monday at 11:00am CST, Loren Slocum host of Time to Thrive:  Get Real, Get Raw with Loren, watch on Tuesday at 4:00pm CST, Dr Michelle Knights host of Time to Rise UP, watch on Tuesday at 6:00pm CST, Tracey Vlahos host of Keepin’ it Real, watch on the second Thursday at 8:00pm CST, Dexter and Tonya Scott hosts of The UPgraders, watch Sunday at 6:30pm CST,   Lenika Scott host of The Millionaire Mom Unfiltered, watch on Sunday at 6:00pm CST, Jailiyla Tillman host of A Millionaire State of Mind, watch on Sunday at 7:00pm CST.

Direct Sales TV is the first of its kind and offers live television programming 24 hours per day, seven days per week. For those who are interested in being a host of a weekly or monthly show, or would like to learn more go to





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