Getting People Unstuck is Sue Wilhite’s Specialty

“Sue Wilhite will gently – but with enough oomph – push you out of your rut and over those occasional roadblocks — and set you on your path to achieving whatever your heart desires. And if you don’t know what that desire is, Sue will offer the steps you need to figure it out,” said one happy coaching client.

sue-wilhite |DIRECT SALES TVBut Sue Wilhite was not always a coach, podcaster, author and TV host. After spending 25 years in various IT departments doing programming and database design in the Silicon Valley, Sue decided to catch up and develop her right brain by going back to her early fascination with alternate realities. She is now a bestselling author of 21 Templates that Run Your World Keys to Unlocking Your Success in Business, Love & Money, Law of Attraction coach, and sound healer, and is known as the “Profit Attraction Mentor.” She specializes in getting her clients unstuck and encouraging them to fulfill their own destinies.

On her Direct Sales TV show, Sweet Sound of Success, Sue Wilhite shares her insights and knowledge on how to build your business. This is the show for direct sellers who want to make a positive impact, put more money in the bank, and reach their first million. People who want to change others and the world we live in through their products and personal lives.  The weekly show will feature interviews with entrepreneurs, authors and philanthropists who have overcome challenges in their rise to success. Sue also delivers practical help – the nuts and bolts – to building a business.

But first, many need to identify roadblocks or obstacles that hold them back. If you are one of those people, Sue Wilhite can help you clear those blocks. Here’s what another client said:

“I attended Sue’s goal-setting and block-clearing workshop at East West Bookstore. Wonderfully productive! Sue is not only a moving, inspirational speaker but has a practical, step-by-step process that successfully cleared a block I have had for over thirty years. Thank you, Sue!”

Sweet Sound of Success helps viewers ramp up their business faster by attracting clients, self-promotion, and personal development.

Tune into Sweet Sound of Success each Thursday at 9 AM CST

Sue’s show as well as a full lineup of programming designed to help Direct Marketers can be seen on Roku, AppleTV, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Fire and Kindle.  Consumers can find Direct Sales TV on these channels by searching Direct Sales TV on the streaming channels or online at



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