Chante’ Amber Kelly

Chante Kelly was born in Gary, Indiana home of the Jackson 5 she was also born to be an entertainer and a TV talk show host! At the ripe old age of 5 she starred in her first stage play in kindergarten where she portrayed a singing and dancing reporter! The standing ovation she received let her know that the stage was her home!! All through  elementary, junior high and in her high school days she was performing , singing, writing poetry and winning awards nationwide.

In high school she discovered science, anatomy and physiology and decided to become a pediatrician. After attending one year al Ohio State University she decided to serve her country in the United States Navy and have her school paid for by the military. She excelled! Unfortunately rapid fame and fortune got her caught up in the world  which sent her on a dark journey fueled  with drug and alcohol abuse due too bad decisions! But when ENOUGH was ENOUGH she met her older cousin who was the first lady at a beautiful church where she gave her life to Christ and went back to college and earned her degree in Business Administration, fell in love with the head deacon of her ministry got married and started her own personal development company Agape’ Empowerment Services LLC . She became a highly anointed  licensed ordained minister preaching the gospel across the nation! And then she discovered “Facebook Live” where she had her platform of speaking life into people, empowering and encouraging them. Someone sent her a inbox saying that she would be a perfect Network Marketer in Direct Sales!

She got involved in several direct sales businesses such as ACN, Mary Kay,  and TLC. She finally found her niche in Tranont Financial and World Ventures!  She and her husband gained many customers and dozens of business partners in a short period time and broke numerous records! She has  successfully coached numerous  people across the globe in her own professional network marketing consulting company. Her zeal for life, her over the top fun personality, her love for Jesus and spreading his gift of grace and mercy to help encourage people landed her and her husband Elder Michael Kelly a #2 rated Internet radio show on www.HeavenlyHostRadio.org which is part of www.voiceitradio.com the most listened to radio station across the globe! The name of her and her husband show is ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Stop reaching people happy and start preaching people FREE! One of her top network marketing business partners Success Magazine’s Own Mr. Christian Flinn recommended her to join Ray Higdon’s Group RANK MAKERS  and she watched Jessica Higdon’s Facebook training and at the end of one of Jessica’s webinars not only did she learn how to blow up her business through social media,  she also learned about the Brand New Direct Sales Television Network . She spoke with the owner of the Network and the rest is history! Chante’ Amber Kelley is now living her dream as a soon to be faith based television show host entertaining , interviewing and teaching thousands of people how to become top producing Network Marketing Professionals all backed up with the loving word of God!

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