time to rise up with dr michelle

Dr. Michelle Knights

Dr. Michelle Knights helps people achieve greatness in their lives. She is a success strategist who helps entrepreneurs get visibility, credibility, and even more success. She is a dynamic positive thought leader, purpose driven international speaker, success architect, strategist, author, university Professor, and entrepreneur. She helps people embrace their journey, improve their lives and live a prosperous serenity lifestyle. In doing so she helps them find their power, and fulfill their unique God given purpose. She has achieved success in life and business, but always striving for greater success, and continues to redefine herself while inspiring others to be their best self.

Born in the pristine islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Michelle learned that persistence, determination, commitment and the pursuit of excellence and happiness were to be central in her life. She experienced the power of dreaming big at an early age, and migrated to the United States. Her core values have always been focused on helping others succeed through servant leadership.

Michelle believes that everything starts with having a dream. Followed by an unquenchable burning desire, mixed in with a clear plan and a definite purpose. Pour in persistence, unshakable faith & belief, and firmly seal it with intentional committed daily growth in gaining Success Consciousness. She helps her clients turn their pain into profits, monetize their misery, and realize that there is power in their history. When she gets a vision for your life, follow it precisely as she has an uncanny ability to move people into uncharted territory that enlarges their horizons.

Dr. Knights recently started a show “Time To Rise UP” show, a platform that allows entrepreneurs to share their story about how they moved from an idea to living their dream.
She intends to inspire people to change their lives and live more fulfilled lives, unapologetically.