Jaliyla Tillman

After graduating from Hampton University, I did what any other person would normally do: get a job to pay the bills. I worked as an HR contractor for many years but never felt content with any position that I held. I aspired to do something different but, I had no idea where to start.  In June 2011, I decided to launch my first MLM business part time with hopes that it would just be something fun to try. I ended up paying off some debt, meeting an abundance of people and quickly realized that I was meant to be an entrepreneur. By 2012, I took a chance and followed my heart into full-time entrepreneurship and quit my 9-5 to further expand my MLM business.  I excelled quickly and became the leader of a quarter million dollar team. In January 2016, I decided it was time to soar to new heights and re-position myself to become an industry leader in Network Marketing. I have built a new, award-winning organization, spoken on stage in front of thousands, and personally helped hundreds of new entrepreneurs launch their businesses & develop into leaders.

Achieving such success has helped me discover my real passion for helping others transition from their 9-5 lifestyle into FT entrepreneurship.  It is my goal to help others make the transition from PT to FT entrepreneurs, learn to use the same platform that I used to: grow their current business, discover their passions, conquer their fears, unleash new opportunities for growth, and fund their dreams. I want to share my Networking success secrets to help others learn how to conquer their fears of talking to strangers, build long lasting business relationships for a thriving business, and proper positioning & planning to get results. Most importantly, I want to empower others to believe that you can live your life by your design and that all you have to do is conquer your fears, believe in yourself, and know that you are already equipped with everything that you need to succeed.

Join me on my current journey to become a Millionaire by tuning into A Millionaire State of Mind. This show will teach you that being a Millionaire is not just about the money its a lifestyle. You will learn all about the who, what, when, and where of what it takes to be a Millionaire. We will tackle common myths, interview actual Millionaires, and you will receive loads of business tips to get you one step closer to your seven figure goals. I can’t wait to help you get that much closer to the life you deserve and dream of, stay tuned!