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Jessie E. Douglas

Jessie E. Douglas is a Network Marketer and Direct Sales expert with International Trailblazers. In this role, Jessie E. Douglas manages a team providing all aspects of Network Marketing/Direct Sales including recruiting, prospecting, closing sales as well as general education.

A big believer in education Jessie E. Douglas supports special needs students

Jessie E. Douglas is a qualified claims examiner, educator and network marketer and holds the MBA degree from University of Phoenix.

Jessie E. Douglas is no stranger to Network Marketing/Direct Sales, having spent several years as a  entrepreneur, where he owned several independent businesses .

Jessie E. Douglas has more than 20 years of government experience in the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Department of Labor

Prior to starting his current businesses, Jessie E. Douglas spent 20 years as a claims processor and extensive customer service experience

Before joining ACN and Tranont in 2017, Jessie E. Douglas worked for several years for a diverse range of organizations, including Herbalife, Rubbermaid and multiple work from home business.

In this role, Jessie E. Douglas was responsible for customer acquisition and sales.

Jessie E. Douglas helps those struggling with their finances to master their money while they are making money. Jessie E. Douglas offers a wide range of programs and services, from recruiting to finding the correct customers and closing the sale

Drawing on several years experience in Network Marketing/Direct Sales and customer service with the federal government, Jessie E. Douglas now focuses mainly on Network Marketing/Direct Sales and education

After a successful career in the federal government, Jessie E. Douglas now coaches and teaches other people how to achieve the same success.

Jessie E. Douglas’s varied background in Network Marketing/Direct Sales, customer service and education provided the perfect foundation for coaching others.

Passionate about Network Marketing/Direct Sales and its possibilities, Jessie E. Douglas provides services that help others create a true residual income no matter their current financial situation

To contact Jessie E. Douglas please email or go to

Jessie E. Douglas is available for private consultations on Network Marketing/Direct Sales and can be reached at 216-650-4332 or by email at

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