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John Haremza

John is a Network Marketing Veteran with 30 years in the business.  His earnings are in excess of $17 million, averaging over $1 million a year for the last 10 years!

John’s all-time proudest accomplishment …..

……… leading his people to earnings of over $250 million and changing countless lives.


I am one of those authentic rags to riches tales. My first and biggest challenge in life was overcoming dyslexia. Back then dyslexia was an unknown condition and everybody assumed that I was just slow, dumb and stupid. I believe that my focus, consistency, and passion for people helped me overcome such a severe challenge and makes me

unique in our profession. You will find my “lead-from-the- trenches, down-to-earth, empathy and love of the industry can help you rise to the top of your company. I often say, “If I made it to the top with my roadblocks then anyone can make it happen for themselves”. It all comes down to never, never, never quitting.


With almost 30 years in the business and earnings in excess of $17 million, I’m a network marketing veteran. By far my all-time proudest accomplishment has been leading my people to earnings of over $250 million and changing countless lives.


Despite severe dyslexia I went from a trailer park in Perham, Minnesota, to a world-class network marketing leader. I’m one of a handful of leaders who has never had a failure in network marketing. Over the past 30 years I have risen to the top in every company I was with. Was it good luck or an understanding of the five elements critical for success?  When I was introduced to network marketing, I was working as a maintenance manager in a potato chip factory. I had never sold anything in my life and had no business experience. Back then, because of my dyslexia, I had one objective — to be invisible.


My most recent bestselling book, “Right or Almost Right” answers the question so many distributors ask, “Why am I not seeing the success I expected, where’s the money?”  I talk about the fine line between phenomenal results and average results in network marketing. I feel blessed that my leadership has transformed countless lives and I believe that my wisdom will help you make your dream into reality. Network marketing is an amazing industry with wonderful products and incredible opportunities. I often say, “Network

marketing changed my life in ways that were far beyond my imagination.”


To contact John Haremza, email johnharemza@aol.com.

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