Kate Rittase

Kate Rittase has been a major influence in the health industry for many years now! She has personally helped over 2300 people make amazing changes in their lives from losing well over 100 pounds, to gaining lean muscle, to changing their entire financial future! Her simple approaches to health and finance make it easy for people that are coachable and accountable to achieve major success.

Kay grew up in a small town in Michigan where health and fitness were never a priority. Given an opportunity to break out of a mold she started to see yourself falling into,…….she moved to California and like so many others she worked many jobs to support herself. Soon she found herself working in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Pebble Beach and exposure to the lavish foods quickly started to take their toll on her health. She knew that she had a choice… That she must make a decision to take control of her own health and her finances.

While in California, she met her husband Dave. They have been married for 34 years and have two wonderful daughters who have grown up both independent, healthy and with lives that many young people only dream about. She has two beautiful granddaughters who live in the gorgeous mountains of California. Her lifestyle provides her the opportunity to visit her loved ones on her terms and desires…not based on money or time off!

Her goal is to help those people that truly desire new choices in their lives. A lifestyle revolving around truly helping others is where all beauty lies.

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