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Michelle Perzan: Strength in YOUR Storm

Michelle Perzan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. Since that diagnosis Michelle said, “Cancer will not define me!” and has been on a journey to reach anyone out there going through a storm, to encourage them, and show them that every storm can be calmed.

In October 2016 she released her book, “Strength in My Storm – Faith and Breast Cancer” for Breast Cancer Awareness month. From there she was led to do more so she started a nonprofit organization with her husband called the GEST Foundation (www.GESTfoundation.org), and was approached to be on a podcast called www.vowradio.com which was built to encourage women.

Michelle has a servant heart and sees that there is a need to reach deep into the hearts of people going through storms whether it be cancer, financial difficulties, loss of family, or any other adversity. When she was invited to be a part of http://directsales.tv/ she knew it was great platform to encourage and share with people that no matter what storm you are going through, that you can get through it by leaning on your faith, and having a positive attitude.