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Renee Vasquez: Visionary Beauty Empire

I am a Wife, Mom, Certified Makeup Artist, Founding Luminess Airess and TV Host who happens to be a bi-lateral wheelchair bound amputee that chooses to live life without limits! As a Certified Makeup Artist by trade with 16 years experience in the Beauty Industry & Entrepreneurial Influencer in the Incredible Network Marketing Profession for 17 years I chose to partner with the #1 Global Brand in Premium Airbrush Mineral Based Skincare & Cosmetics. Our makeup technology is cruelty free and provides a weightless & breathable coverage that gives a flawless finish & premium nourishment to the skin!

One day without warning my skin began to change so dramatically that it went from flawless to WTF?? I discovered that I have a skin condition known as seborrheic eczema at a dermatologist appointment. I was prescribed chemical laced topical treatments that made my skin condition worse… I believe everything happens for a reason. This is what led me on my journey to flawless skin & glowing opportunity…The BEST part is now I’m able to share this BLESSING with YOU!

Here I control my own economy & help others do the same! If I show you how to build a BEAUTY EMPIRE around your current schedule, make wonderful lifelong FRIENDSHIPS while having so much FUN & be able to provide the FREEDOM that YOU and your FAMILY deserve would you TAKE ACTION?!! The LIFESTYLE you’ve ALWAYS dreamed of can be REALITY… It STARTS with YOU making a DECISION! Will YOU & Your Family Be Next?! The CHOICE is YOURS… So Let’s DO This! CONTACT ME TODAY & I WILL Show You How to EMPOWER Your PASSION, ENHANCE Your GLOW & Let’s Build a VISIONARY BEAUTY EMPIRE Together! Push Play to Learn More @