Interview with Global Coach and Author, Mark Sephton

By Cheryl Lenamon, DirectSales,tv. April 2018

Complete with British charm, Mark Sephton is a mentor to startups and millionaire entrepreneurs alike. He is the author of Inside Job and Plot Twist, a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and a popular speaker for corporate events, entrepreneurship summits, and major conferences worldwide.

You have taken “mentorship” to a whole new level. How did your journey begin?

My professional journey began in the hospitality industry where I worked for 12 years. Even then, I was passionate about personal development, so I pursued business and leadership courses, and I eventually received a coaching diploma.

You have become a thought leader and expert in your field. What do you attribute that to?

In many ways, my personal discoveries which I can draw upon to help others has been the key. I have taken the essence of what I have experienced and used that to draw out the potential in the people I mentor.

It’s obvious from listening to your “Talk Business” that aired on Radio Plus that you have had a failure or two, is that what inspires you to help others?

Absolutely. On my radio show and in my books, I shared my personal story of struggle, setbacks, and challenges that have shaped the man I am today. I have found in life, that while others want what you have, few are willing to go through what you did in order to get it.

I want others to see their potential.  In guiding them around what I call plot twists in their lives, I can help them to stop resisting change or dwelling on what might have been and instead focus on what could be.  I like to work with people who begin to see a new path as a wide-open adventure full of new possibilities. The experience is rather addictive.

What excites you?

I’m over the moon when a client has a breakthrough moment, a mindset shift.  And when they have the audacity not just to think and dream but to act, and this action results in the turnaround of their business. Now, that’s what gets me excited.

Thank you, Mark, I know our viewers are greatly anticipating your first show. Want to give it a plug?

Sure do. Here’s my personal invitation to tune into “One More Round” each Saturday at 9 AM CST.

Mark’s show as well as a full lineup of programming designed to help Direct Marketers can be seen on Roku, AppleTV, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Fire and Kindle.  Consumers can find Direct Sales TV on these channels by searching Direct Sales TV on the streaming channels or online at



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