“I always dreamed of being my own boss and having the ability to work from home,” Raina Kay Gummert

“I wasn’t sure it was actually possible, but there really is a way. Now I want to reach others and show them the magic that can exist in our great profession.”

Raina Kay is the mompreneur of three, a military spouse who moved 11 times in 15 years, worked in special education, retail management, the staffing industry and banking and marketing before she found her dream career and became the top leader of a global beauty business. She’s now at home with her family, leading a global team and helping women realize their full potential, find their worth and recognize their beauty.

Ms. Gommert was new to the network marketing/direct sales industry in 2014 and joined because of an amazing kit of makeup. She stayed because of her family, the WHY motivation that keeps her grounded and successful. They are the reason she craves time freedom and flexibility. The financial freedom she is experiencing is rewarding but more important to Raina is she is there for her kids when they need her.

raina-kay-gummert | DIRECT SALES.TV“My passion is helping women realize their full potential and to know their worth and recognize their own beauty,” says Raina Kay.

With a mission to uplift, empower and validate women worldwide, Raina Kay’s goal is to help as many women change their life as possible. For some, this is about renewed confidence and the amazing sisterhood and supportive family-like culture Direct Marketing provides. For others, it’s a full-time career and lifetime of residual income.

Raina Kay Gommert’s show, Mompreneur Life, airs the fourth Friday at 5:00 PM CST.

Raina’s show as well as a full lineup of programming designed to help Direct Marketers can be seen on Roku, AppleTV, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Fire and Kindle.  Consumers can find Direct Sales TV on these channels by searching Direct Sales TV on the streaming channels or online at http://directsales.tv/channel/rainakayshow/



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