The Upgraders, Dexter and Tonya Scott, Show How To Succeeded in Direct Marketing

Here’s Proof That When Life Throws You a Curve-Ball, You Can Be Defeated or Victorious.

Dexter Scott made a good living for his family, so when his brother and sister Gregg & Lenika Scott asked him to join their LML, Total Life Changes, he was hesitant. But, in May 2014, one call changed everything. Downsizing eliminated his six-figure salary, and in a moment, the family’s only source of income vanished.

“We were devastated by the loss of my job. But, my wife and I have a great spirit and plenty of faith in the Lord, so we knew that this happened for a reason. God must have a plan for us Tonya would say. But at the same time, here we are trying to enjoy a vacation knowing that our only source of income had just been shut off. So, we spent much of our time in Italy discussing a new business opportunity with Total Life Changes,” explains Dexter.

After their return to the states, they had no other choice but to hit the ground running with TLC. Tonya believes, “If your mouth is closed, your business is closed.” So with that in mind, they grew their business with launch calls, tea parties, transformation parties, one-on-one conversations, opportunity calls and live meetings. They started with friends, family and neighbors, but knew that would not be enough. So, as professional speakers, trainers and owners of The Scott Training Group, Dexter and Tonya Scott began utilizing their gifts of speaking and training to help build their network. What contributes to their success is the ability to encourage and drive others beyond their limitations. They are able to inspire others to achieve more through motivation and training. They keep things simple and set achievable strategies for their team members.

“Everyone can succeed in this industry,” encourages Tonya. “We were able to advance to National Marketing Directors by focusing on service to our customers first. We started by becoming products of the product. I lost thirty-five pounds in 39 days using TLC’s weight loss kit and Dexter lost twenty-four pounds in 14 days using the same program. We shared our results as we were going through the process. We had Iaso™ tea parties; we used social media to share testimonies and information about TLC and the array of products we have. Our customer base increased and our excitement grew.”

Social media has been huge for the couple. They share information about their products as well as how the opportunity is helping them and many others achieve improved health and financial success.

Dexter and Tonya Scott are enjoying so much more freedom as a result of their increased income and improved health. They are eliminating debt, placing their children in more extra-curricular activities and they can afford the best health insurance for their entire family. Their long-term goal is to become Executive Ambassadors, the highest rank in TLC.

“This opportunity is allowing us to dream larger and fulfill those dreams,” explained Dexter. “We honor God for all that we are experiencing here. We believe the hand of God is on this company and we are honored to be a part of it.  To honor Him, we implement the following principles in our business: integrity, patience and professionalism. We believe that by implementing these principles and strategies into our business, it will provide the framework for everyone in our organization to build a solid and firm foundation,” says Dexter Scott.

Total Life Changes has provided The Scott’s with the opportunity to totally change their financial landscape. They have been able to place their younger children into summer programs, travel with them on business around the country and on several recent vacations to Hawaii and Cancun, Mexico. When Dexter’s job was eliminated, he lost an income of $105,000 a year, but with Total Life Changes’ dynamic products and compensation plan, they have more than quadrupled their income.

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